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Single Liquid Crystal Remedy Consultation

Single Liquid Crystal Remedy Consultation

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This 15 minutes consultation helps to determine which single bottle  liquid crystal remedy is to be recommended. 

For example on a conventional basis Amethyst is widely known as the crystal of transmutation.  Amethyst holds the purple ray and is associated with St Germain of the Violet Flame.

Based on The Liquid Crystal Oracle by Justin Moikeha Asa, the crystal Amethyst at a physical can possibly reduce tension or migraine headaches. Insomnia. Mental disorders. Autism Dyslexia and Epilepsy. Arthritis. Blood sugar related illness. Stimulates Immune function.

At a spiritual and other levels it is used to enter into a meditative state. Prepares one for a conscious death. Surrender of the mind to the highest part of self.

Lavender essential oil and the goat as the animal totem holds the same frequency as amethyst. 


To be taken 7 drops morning and night for 21 days.


The photo has been extracted from theliquidcrystals.com